Why 0.877?

Bubbling Dab

We’ve received many customer calls and visitor questions over the years concerning one seemingly arbitrary number. This number is featured in the important calculation for “THCmax”, or total available THC as we like to call it. The calculation looks something like this: THCmax = THC + 0.877 * THCA This number is not at all…

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QA Sampling – Pretense and Protocol


While most growers strive to improve their product with careful growing techniques and handling, there are a few who attempt to employ more…questionable means. As an analytical laboratory operating in a competitive market, the receipt of doctored samples puts us in an awkward position. We’re not generally in the business of turning away samples, but there are…

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The Black List: Pesticides


In addition to the tests required under WAC 314-55-10, new testing requirements are being implemented for Medical Cannabis as it comes under the purview of I502. The new section, WAC 246-70-050, requires testing for 13 prohibited pesticides for all flower, trim, leaves, or other plant matter. Concentrates require testing for 15. The Washington State Dept….

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