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    Complete I502 testing package for only $60. Everything you need to bring your product to market at a price that makes sense.

  • Edibles

    We utilize your recipe to develop custom calibration curves to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

  • Concentrates

    Potency and residual solvent testing are just the beginning. Let us help you refine your processing techniques.

  • New Products

    Working on a new product line? We can help provide the data you need to bring it to market successfully.


Confidence Analytics is an I502 certified laboratory adopting national and international standards for laboratory best-practices in food and herbal product safety analysis. We offer a wide range of testing options for Cannabis products, and our lab can satisfy all I-502 requirements for Quality Assurance Testing and Potency Profiling.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory delivers consistent and honest results which we strive to deliver as quickly and economically as possible. Our mission is to support a rapidly evolving industry by providing our customers with accurate potency analysis and utmost confidence that their product is legal and safe for recreational or medicinal use.


As an assurance of safety, it is often desirable for Cannabis consumables – whether they be flowers and inflorescence, extracts, or infused edibles/topicals – to be labeled as to their potency and contaminancy. Washington state law now requires this testing, and it can also be desirable in the absence of a requirement.

The Confidence Analytics Label indicates that the product has been tested under reproducible methods for harmful contaminants, and offers a potency profile that can help the consumer properly dose their intake and identify the product that best meets their needs. Our service aims to provide an appropriate standard for safety in the Cannabis market, to provide the Cannabis consumer with an easy-to-understand yet scientifically driven explanation of the intended interpretation of our methods, and to contribute to the growing body of knowledge concerning the history, cultivation, and uses of this amazing plant species.


The Confidence AnalyticsLaboratory utilizes the best technology available for conducting peer reviewed standards for scientific analysis ofCannabis. Our High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines are calibrated with each run to ensure consistency of results. Using complex procedures for sample preparation, we can identify the percent composition and distinguish between active and inactive forms of cannabinoids present in even a small sample. We utilize gas chromatography to detect and quantify terpenes and terpenoids, and residual solvents in the case of extracts. We offer pesticide testing of Cannabis products, and a wide range of other analyses for ensuring product safety and ading the development of improved manufacturing processes.

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