Hard data is good to find…


Slowly but surely, as cannabis becomes legal again in states across the US and in countries across the world, scientists are beginning to delve back into researching cannabis. Research grants are becoming more available as interest grows in the biomedical benefits of the plant, and accordingly more research papers are being published and peer-reviewed. One…

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Flower Trends Over Time


The chart below depicts the THC Total values for all flower samples submitted to Confidence Analytics and reported to the WSLCB’s seed-to-sale traceability system to date. As you can see, it’s pretty steady at 18% average, but there’s always a slight dip in the late fall season. Typically, the central 50% of the distribution is…

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April Fool?


You may have seen us re-tweeting some obtuse and verifiably wrong information from a relatively new twitter account, Stoners Against Terps. Today being the day that it is, we can reveal that we are the instigators of that account. Our intent was to have some fun while bringing awareness to one of the most important…

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Microbes in Approved Pesticides

plate grid

In Washington State, the pesticides that may be applied to cannabis crops are limited to those approved by the WSLCB and the WSDA.  The repository for data on these pesticides is the PICOL database.   The PICOL database is a one stop shop to find out what active ingredients, brand names, and more, are ingredients in the various…

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