Flower/Trim Testing

$60 p/sample

For Cannabis flowers and inflorescence intended to be usable marijuana.
Package includes all tests required for I502 (4 gram sample, 4 buds minimum):

  • Potency Profile
  • Microbiological Screening
  • Moisture Content Analysis
  • Foreign Matter Inspection


$85 p/sample

For edible and topical Cannabis products and any infused oils or fats. Package includes all tests required for I502 (For edibles/liquids: 1 unit/10 mg THC serving required for testing, 2 units preferred as a backup, additional servings may be required for capsules or lozenges. For Topicals/Fats: 5-7 grams):

  • Potency Profile
  • Microbiological Screening (if required)

Solvent-Based Extract

$85 p/sample

For Cannabis extracts made with solvents, and edible Cannabis products. Package includes all tests required for I502 (1 gram sample):

  • Potency Profile
  • Residual Solvent Test
  • Terpene Profile included with Residual Solvent Test at no additional charge
  • Microbiological Screening

Natural Extract Testing

$60 p/sample

For Cannabis extracts made without hydrocarbon solvents (such as kief or hash). Package includes all tests required for I502 (1 gram sample):

  • Potency Profile
  • Foreign Matter Inspection
  • Microbiological Screening


$250 p/sample

Screening material pre-extraction, post-extraction, and final product. The pesticide test is a comprehensive screening for the most common pesticides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators.

Read more on our FAQ page

+ Terpenes, + Residual Solvents

$25 p/sample

Add terpenes profiles or residual solvents testing to any 502 test for only $25, and we’ll give you both. If appropriate to the sample type, residual solvents are included with terpenes at no extra charge, and vice versa.

Are your buds and extracts terpene rich? Why not use scientific verification to differentiate your product in the marketplace? You’ve worked hard to preserve the finest scents and flavors in your product to satisfy the finest palette. Putting that profile on your label draws the attention of connoisseur buyers at every level, educates recreational users to consider their added value, and provides critical information to patients who’ve found terpenoids essential to their treatment.

[Commonly found Terpenes]

Potency Profiling

$50 p/sample

Need potency only data for personal or R&D purposes? Confidence Analytics uses High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, the most advanced method of separating components in a mixture, to deliver a potency profile of unbeatable accuracy. Our standard potency profile quantifies a wide range of cannabinoids, though we can quantify other compounds upon special request. (Price does not apply to edibles/topicals/liquids/fats)

2 gram sample (flower)/1 gram sample (concentrate)

Terpenes / Residual Solvents Only

$40 p/sample

Working on your extraction process? The process of cannabinoid extraction from Cannabis flowers to yield solid or liquid concentrates – can often involve solvents not recommended for human consumption. The Confidence Analytics residual solvent test detects trace amounts of solvent, through a combination of laboratory procedures. An extract won’t pass the test if the concentrations of solvents don’t meet or exceed the recommendations given by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. We can similarly screen for heavy metals using national and international standards for detection and limits. We also quantify organic combustion products of the solvent and research the effects that these de novo molecules may have on the end product.

1 gram sample

*All terpenes only tests come with residual solvents test at no additional charge, and vice versa.

PG/VG Test

$40 p/sample

Working on a PG / VG infusion for vape cartridges, etc? Don’t waste time and materials hunting for your target viscosity. Mix to the viscosity you like, then let us quantify the diluent so you know your ideal mix ratio from the start!

1 gram sample

Sample Transport

FREE p/sample

Free on regularly scheduled days. Call to schedule.


$100 p/scientist hour

Developing a new product? Want to improve extraction efficiency? Need improvements to your emulsification or homogenization?

We are ready to help you science.

Our team of skilled experts are very knowledgeable and operate at the cutting edge of Cannabis research and development.  We can help you understand your process, develop new processes, and patent strains and methodologies.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of testing options for Cannabis products, and our lab can satisfy all I-502 requirements for Quality Assurance Testing and Potency Profiling. Using the most advanced scientific equipment, Confidence Analytics employs peer-reviewed methods for cannabinoid profiling through potency testing, microbial screening, contaminant inspection, residual solvent quantification, and moisture content analysis. The quality, reliability, and reproducibility of the results we deliver are second to none. Our state-of-the-art laboratory delivers consistent and honest results which we strive to deliver as quickly and economically as possible. Our mission is to support a rapidly evolving industry by providing our customers with accurate potency analysis and utmost confidence that their product is legal and safe for recreational or medicinal use.

The Confidence Analytics Label indicates that the product has been tested under reproducible methods for harmful contaminants, and offers a potency profile that can help the consumer properly dose their intake and identify the product that best meets their needs. Our service aims to provide an appropriate standard for safety in the Cannabis market, to provide the Cannabis consumer with an easy-to-understand yet scientifically driven explanation of the intended interpretation of our methods, and to contribute to the growing body of knowledge concerning the history, cultivation, and uses of this amazing plant species.