Confidence Analytics

Cannabis Testing and Research Specialists

Through scientific integrity, providing the marijuana industry access to cutting-edge analytical services

to enable production and sourcing of products with true quality assurance and documentation.

Confidence Analytics is an analytical testing laboratory that is I-502 certified and accredited for Quality Assurance compliance testing of Cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles in Washington State. Confidence Analytics provides producers, processors, retailers, and consumers access to pharmaceutical grade analysis of cannabis products that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements for consumer protection. We serve marijuana businesses as they demonstrate compliance to state audit rules; as they work to ensure and improve the quality of their product; and as they research new product types and manufacturing techniques.

The Confidence Analytics Team is at the forefront of Cannabis science and analytics. They are experts in laboratory analysis of plants and plant extracts with particular focus of research and practice on marijuana. Together, we founded this company after years of experience in the fields of botanical science, medical research, and law. Our management consists of a diverse team of professionals whose backgrounds include: agricultural science, pharmaceutical science, laboratory management and instrument optimization, prescription regulation, drug administration, and law enforcement.

We have come together to create an avenue through which legal Cannabis can be effectively tested and labeled. Our mission is to promote legal Cannabis through scientific demonstration and documentation of the substance’s safety and effectiveness.